Thursday, 20 December 2007

20 more days!

Leaving for Japan in 20 days! Can't wait! Everyday-things have become so bothersome, except if they have to do with Japan ;)

I've bought all the things i need, just a few things left. I LOVE shopping, but shopping for winter clothes is the best coz its all new. Coats, jackets,boots,gloves, hats..etc. I'm enjoying buying all that ;)

Can't wait for the 11th! I've changed our plans, were not only going to Tokyo, but Hiroshima & Takayama too.. should be fun!

Marie-sensei has given me so much valuable info so im feeling more confident about going now.. Going with my bro is fun, but he expects me to know where to go and what to do.. so much pressure, but im feeling in control now..

I'll try to update when im in Japan, hopefully with pix too..

I don't have internet at the moment, i'll update when i do.. i might have something interesting to say by then.. or maybe not..! lol

Miss you all :)
Ja ne


FeFe said...

Hey Ima-chan =)
i just read your post and am glad that you are done with shopping for stuff that you will need over there..

so the countdown had started ne! i hope you will enjoy ur time in Tokyo, Hiroshima and Takayam:)

Take care..I miss u on msn!!

Bash said...

wow ,, I'm so excited for you =3 ..
Yeah, I think shopping for winter clothes is really fun ..

Hope it all goes well ,,
See you ..

Ima-chan said...

Thanks for the comments my dear friends.. i miss you both ;)