Monday, 24 December 2007

Disappointed but excited..

I'm so disappointed, our Japanese classes have been canceled for at least 3 week coz our sensei is sick. I'm disappointed coz i enjoy the class, but also coz its the only time i see fefe-chan..

Marie-sensei came over this weekend, along with a lot of my mother's friends, which was fun! The whole time i had her little baby girl, who is so adorably cute and such a good (quite) baby :) I also go to interview marie for my "Japanese education system" project.. and she gave me more advice about japan! I'm really so grateful!

After months of studying Japanese, it is so rewarding to listen to a song and understand half of it, if not most.. Although i know the lyrics to all my favorite songs, i'm finally understanding them..

Finally got the internet working, so i spent the whole day working on my independent study course's project and my finance project..

Going to go get our train passes for Japan tomorrow, and drop the visa papers at the Japanese embassy..

Finals start next week.. :( thankfully i only have 3 courses where we have a final exam.. so it shouldn't be that bad after all.. my sisters are starting back at school on the 6th (i think) and i finish on the 7th! yay, i can enjoy the first few days of my hols without everyone hanging around..

Its getting cold, when we sit in the garden at night we have to wear cardigans.. my mum saw me in a jacket the other day and she was like "i think you better cancel the tickets" and i'm like "why?" (panicking lol).. and shes like, if you cant take this cold what are you going to do inJjapan where its just above zero.. honestly, i don't know.. god help me!

Thats it for now.. miss you all.. i skipped uni on sunday but i better go tomorrow, ive gotten used to not having that i dont want to go anymore.. but im forcing myself to go tomorrow..

cheers mates!


Bash said...

yay ,, that is a big accomplishment. I mean being able to understand the songs, wow. I'm sure you will learn much more when you actually go there. I can't wait to know about your trip.

YOU MUST take pictures of everything. "litterly".

Missed you
I wanted to come to your house for dinner yesterday. I was really bored and hungry =P lol.

FeFe said...

Hi there..i was disspointed too, because it was fun and we really get to practice Japanese there..u know, i was thinking of passing by ur 9:30 class today during the 10 min break just to see you and say hi..its the only time we can see each other but some girls distracted me and kept talking and i totally forgot about the time :(

being able to understand the songs lyrics is really an achievement =)

anyhow, gtg now and work on my last project which the teacher gave us only yesterday so there is no much time:(

dear, ganbatte in ur finals and projects.

i hope i can see you before you go to japan sweetie..


Ima-chan said...

hey there..
bash: thanks for the comment ;) i will take pix of everything, and i mean EVERYTHING lol.. and you should've come over yesterday..i miss you..

Fefechan: ganbatte in your projects & finals too..
it would've been a nice surprise if i saw you today.. too bad.. I will definitely see you before i go..
miss you.. tc