Friday, 14 December 2007


So overwhelmed with uni,, when will this hell end?!

Right now im so panicked trying to finish all my projects, but i really don't care what grades i get this semester, i really don't.. even if i get Cs i'll be fine with that.. I don't know why i don't care anymore, LOL, but i don't.. but As would be nice.. ;)

My mum wants me to go shopping for stuff for Japan tomorrow, i'd rather stay home and work but i guess i have to go.. a couple of hours won't hurt, hopefully..

My nana's enjoying the sun LOL although its quite cloudy and overcast these days..

Everyone's done with exams.. off for spring break.. they'll start the 2nd semester on the 6th of Jan i think, and i'll finish the 1st semester on the 7th of Jan. LOL. Not fair, but hell thats life yeah?

What else? oh yeah one thing i forgot to mention, FINANCE SUCKS! ACCOUNTING ROCKS! I'm hating the finance course, and I've never felt this strong about another course, i think its a combination of the professor, my classmates, and the subject.. We had an exam the other day, which was easy enough, and all the girls were cheating.. not a first but it was funny.. half way through the exam i saw my friend Reemy-chan look over to the side and stare for a few mins so i turned around.. since were all sitting next to each other in a U shape.. the girls on one side had a girl sitting at the front show them her answers and each one would copy the answer and then the one next to her would copy from her and so on.. lol reminded me of the "wave" that they do in football matches and stuff.. lol.. and the professor was busy checking his email.. oh well..

Our Special Needs course professor has been gone MIA for the last 5 days.. haven't seen or heard of him, and believe me, I've been looking out for him.. i wonder where he is..

Well, everyone.. hope your enjoying yourself, if you dont go to the same uni as me then you probably are, if your at my uni then i really feel sorry for you.. ;)

Ganbatte minna! only 4 weeks.. we can, hopefully, pull through this hell..

bai bai ^_^


FeFe said...

ima-chan: about grades..i do feel the same..i dont care if i get C's..Cant wait for this semester to finish BUT A's would be nice as u said! LOL

* you should go out & shop..better to get things ready from now so that you dont forget anything that you need to get with you there..

as for the spring holiday, we all feel its not fair, but at least we are having one month break for the first time in this military-like university..

Enjoy your shopping tomorrow and always take care..


FeFe said...
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reemy-chan said...

Who cares about grades ? :P lol not me .. I really hate projects, exams , FINANCE eeew .. lol .. cannot wait for our break .. :P .. lol ..

I hope you enjoy shopping yesterday :D .. 24 days left, how do you feel Ima-chan ^^?

>_> do not remember me about the girls in finance exam, the teacher knew that they cheated but he does not want to say any thing !!! >_> ..