Saturday, 8 December 2007

Strawberries+chocolate=Yummy (wrong answer)

Konbanwa minna! Genki?

I haven’t updated in such a long time.. wow.. its been a while..

My grandma arrived yesterday :) which is nice. I spent the whole day with her today since my mum was busy and everyone else was studying for their exams. She hasn’t changed ;) LOL its only 9 months since she left anyways although it seems so much longer. She got us a chocolate fountain! I’m not a really big fan of chocolate, im more of a crisps person, so im not as excited as everyone else.. Another thing im not really into is mixing fruit with chocolate! For god’s sake, their two separate food groups-NOT-! Having strawberries dipped in chocolate is SO WRONG! LOL everyone thinks im crazy but I wont ever try it.. they just don’t go together-in my mind at least..

Bash, my friend, and Washy, my sis, both got kittens this last week.. and both are having kitten problems already lol.. one wont eat and one wont stop throwing up! LOL poor things..

I’ve just realized how close we’re getting to spring break.. well mine anyways.. all my sisters & my bro (and EVERYONE else in the bloody country) are starting their breaks in a week.. except our stupid uni which has the longest semester ever-20 weeks-! We still have about 4 left, and then 1 week for finals I think! Anyways, apart from me getting my holiday after everyone else has already began their second semester, my trip is getting closer and closer! And im not ready I still need to work on my Japanese, buy warm clothes & stuff for Japan, and plan what we’ll do there..

I can’t wait to get my projects out of the way so I can devote myself to everything Japanese.. but it seems like they’re endless.. im working extra hard this weekend.. hope to get a huge amount done by the beginning of the week.

What else is new? Not much really.. oh, I found out an interesting fact about my uncle John today.. let me tell you, my uncle is a very successful businessman , can write and speak 7 languages fluently, and is a very clever person in general. He is actually a member of MENSA (if you don’t know what that is, its for people with high IQs). So you can imagine my surprise today when Nana (that’s what we call my grandma) told me that he never finished high school. Dropped out when he was 16 or 17 because he was bullied so bad and just hated school.. It got me thinking, my dad never went to uni either but hes such a clever person and a successfully businessman.. its amazing.. but it’s a shame they both didn’t continue their education ‘cause they have potential..

OK I need to go to bed now, im so sleepy.. nemui.. I’ll try to update in a day or two..


PS im into this song at the mo, SUGA SHIKAO’s manatsu no yoru no yume. Don’t know about your taste, but I like it!


FeFe said...

glad to see that u posted again but i dont blame u for not posting for a while..our univ has the longest semester ever (20 weeks) with mountains of projects..i cant stop wondering are all the univ alike? i dont think so.. is a good thing to hear that u are having a good time with ur nana LOL n ur uncle is really a great person, for he can read n write 7 languages..

n about the song..i usually cant judge from the first time i listen but it is not bad LOL

Take care

Ima-chan said...

Arigatou for the comment :)

LOL too busy to write anything else, i blame our baka uni for that..
TC dear

BasH said...

You finally updated your blog ,, I really missed reading your posts ..

loool .. mine is fine now .. I discovered the problem which was that my lil brothers used to give him some cow milk when I leave to work ..

Washy .. Congratz hon .. we want a to see some pictures =3

Ima-chan .. Good luck with your project , Hope you get straight As

FeFe-Chan .. Trust me we all suffer even at college (excluding diploma girls)
..I was pressured all the time with more than 5 big projects every two weeks and we receive the next 4/5 projects as soon as we hand them (sometimes even before) I'm so glad I graduated =P

Ima-chan said...

WOW BASH COMMENTED!CANT BELEIVE IT LOL.. at last! glad ur kitten is ok now.. i have some pics of washy's kitten, i'll try to post them next time..
Thanks for comment.. bbye dear.. see u soon :)