Saturday, 27 October 2007

What i've been up to..

What have I been up to?

Ja, kinou wa eigakan ni ikimashita. Tanoshikatta desu yo!

(Well, yesterday I went to the cinema , it was fun!)

I watched keira knightly’s movie Atonement. It was good, but not great. However, I enjoyed myself!

And today we had visitors, my mum’s friend A and her kids. They came at 10 AM and just left a while go, at about 6:30. I had fun coz I turned one of her kids, a 3 ½ year old girl, into my model. I was snapping away, making her do a hundred poses just to get 5 or 6 good photos in the end. But I really enjoyed it! I’m putting some of the photos on DeviantArt. Please check them out!

Oh and my sis got a cinnamon rolls recipe from her friend that is supposed to taste exactly like Cinnabon’s. So she tried it, it was a success! Exactly like the original, we all loved it!

What else? Not much. Recently I’ve been feeling a bit down so I’ve been finding all these phrases & stuff to stay positive. Here’s a new one I found in a song I like, its loosely translated as “my friends are beside me, so there’s nothing to fear”. I hope that’s true, that as long as my friends are by my side, I shall be strong! Fefe-chan, remember this one!

Nakama ga soba ni iru nanimo kowakunai.. (click to download (its a tiny file))

なかま が そば に いる なにも こわくない。


Reemy-chan said...

Hey .. so ur enjoying ur time today ;) .. finally u have a model .. Kawaii ..

We will be always beside you Ima-chan :) .. what is friend for. ^^..

Waiting 4 the pix :P ..

FeFe said...

I like today's entry, especially the nakama part =) watashi wa isho anata no nakama desu:)

you need to fear nothing since all your firends will always be by ur side..

always take care..LUV FeFe

Ima-chan said...

Thanks for the comments! Thanks for always being there =)