Monday, 29 October 2007

Gosh, what a day!

Fefe-chan sent me cool song called fields of hope, i loved this part:

umarete kita hi ni dakishimete kureta, yasashii ano te wo sagashiteru.. On the day we were born, we were embraced, And now we search for those gentle hands again..
On to another thing, Omedeto marie-sensei! My Japanese teacher/friend gave birth today to a healthy little girl! Can't wait to see you, little baby!

You know how life has its many ups & downs? Today i got up having a cold and feeling depressed as ever. A few hours practicing for the ICDL were the beginning of the many good things that happneded today. The practice showed me that theres nothing to fear, the ICDL seems quite easy! Thank god!

Then, my sensei had her baby! Then, something else i've been doing has been going smoothly! Then, my sister M called, and i havnt talked to her in a while so that was nice!

Then, i was on MSN and my dad came home and he wanted me to help him cook something (neither one of us knows anyting about cooking, but my dad somethimes likes to pretend to be a chef) so i went to help him but before i went i wrote something like "i love my dad" as my nickname. We cooked some Chinese noodle thingy, which turned out really good!

Then the whole family was sitting and my uncle John called and hes like "Nana (my grandma's nickname) might be coming over to you guys earlier than ususal". She usually comes in Jan but shes just moving house and stuff so she'll come earlier and stay for a bit longer, till the end of March maybe. So that was another good thing. I LOVE YOU NANA!! can't wait for her to come, she is the CUTEST BESTEST grandma in the whole wide world! (i never actaully knew my other grandma).

Then just when i thought it couldn't get any better, i was casually talking to my dad about how hot it would be in Japan in the summer, and he turned around and said, if you dont mind the cold weather then you could go in the spring break! He said it ever so casually, and i was like "YESS"! So hopefully i will defintiely be going in Jan! I need to study more Japanese, i have to get more serious about it!

Fefe-chan might also go! That would be the best thing ever! I really hope her parents agree.. Fefechan, now i can use the sentence you taught me "Nihon a ikumae ni, nihhongo o benkyoo shinakereba narimasen" = I must study Japanese before I go to Japan.

I'm so excited! Oh and i want to share a little story with you about my littlest sister =)
When she was little, like 3 1/2, my mum's friend once asked her at a picnic "Whose plates are these?" and she was like "its weez" (intead of its ours) LOL.. so cute! That was the first time she said it and then after that we noticed that she always said it that way, "meez" (mine) and "weez" (ours). Isn't that just so cute? LOL i was teasing her about it today. She used to be so cute, too bad shes not anymore.. LOL just kidding, shes still a cutie pie!

Heres a secret I'm going to share with you, ever since i was a baby my mum used to call me, Toomikins.. she only stopped about 2 years ago when i was 18 or something. She says its cute..LOL.. she still calls me that somethimes when she wants to be funny.. or extremely nice! LOL (if you know my real name, you'll see how that relates)

Some photos of my littlest sis in England when she was 5 (i think & the pix are not clear for a reason!) I want to go back to those good ol' days! LOL i spy missing teeth ;P (click to enlarge)
Feeding the duckies!
Who said im angry?! LOL
Can you see my missing tooth?

Thats it for now. Golly gosh, what a long post this has been!



FeFe said...

i read it all LOL i didnt feel it is a long entry..i kept on reading aloud the whole thing!!glad no one was around.

i hope everday will be like mcuh fun adn full of good news=)

wish you all the best..LUV U always.FeFe

Ima-chan said...

Thanks for commenting fefe-chan! I'm so glad no one was around if u were reading out loud!

love, Ima

Reemy-chan said...

oooh really what a day.. finally ur dream will be true and you will go :D .. am happy for you Ima-chan ^^.. cannot wait for the Pix lol :P ...

Ur sis is Kawaii ^^ ..

oo waiting for ur grandma ^^.. wanna meet her :P ..

Ima-chan said...

LOL you will meet her hopefully, you have to! she is the best grandma ever and she would love to meet you all!