Wednesday, 10 October 2007

あー、ねむい! (Aah, nemui!)

I'm feeling so sleepy, and my room is so cold, so i'm going to write this as fast as i can so i can get under my soft comfy duvet and sleep like a baby..

One of my mum's oldest friends had this get-together today, and although we've seen her when she'd come over to see mum and stuff, we hadn't seen her daughters for like 6 years. We used to be really close when we were kids since we were born to like when i was 16 or something, then for some reason we drifted apart..
Anyways so we saw them today and it was as if we'd just seen the yesterday, we were chatting away & just having a blast.. It was really fun! tanoshikatta!

I also had a broccoli & feta cheese pie which was soooooooo good. I'm weird i told you, no one else at home stands broccoli but i really love veggies..

I just have to say that i do know more Japanese than just "tanoshikatta".. LOL but it just seems that lately i've been having quite a lot of fun..

So, like i said, today was tanoshikatta & the pie was totemo oishii ^^
night night.. don't let the bed bugs bite!

PS i've been watching some Catherine Tate videos, God shes so funny!

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