Monday, 15 October 2007

My Japanese goodies!

My afternoon snacks, calpis & senbei

I passed by the Japanese section at the supermarket today and got some essentials ^^ like my all-time-favourite snack: senbei (rice crackers). I'm so lucky every time i go to buy some senbei it seems to be on sale & they have 2 for the price of 1 so i stock up.

I also got some Calpis, or Calpicoas they renamed it now after noticing that it sounded to English speaking people like cow piss and finally understood why it wasn't selling ;) I really like it, more than Pocari Sweat.. i give it ***** (not cursing, 5 stars ^^) I got the carbonated soft drink type which is called calpico water (its a drink not water), and although it looks like watered-down milk, its really good.. However, i would've liked to try the calpis soda, im sure its good.

Seasoned senbei + mayo senbei (i believe, i hope!)
Pocari Sweat + lemon & peach tea+ lemon drink A look in one of my "japanese edibles only" shelf

Oh, and heres a little origami crane i did. my first orgami creation ever so don't judge too harshly ^^
Till the next time i go & get more Japanese goodies.. take care

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