Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Origami Lily & the hyaku-en store

I've got loads of origami paper that i bought at what i now call hyaku-en store. I'm not in Japan so its obviousely not 100 yen but its equivelant in the local currency. However, the place i go to is a very popular Japanese 100-yen store called Daiso. Thats why i call it the hyaku-en store. plus its just sounds more exotic ^^

Anyways, so i've got lots of origami paper lying around so i decided to make something again, espcially since all the origami papers i've got have really pretty designs on them and i just couldn't resist. So i made an origami lily today and then gave it to my mum ^^ not that she appreciates my fine art ;)
PS i went to donate blood with my friend FeFe :) but they didn't take my blood but took hers.. :(

Theres more to come, i need to make a little update on my Japanese studies..

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