Saturday, 20 October 2007

Reader's Haven & an offer & freebies

I’m a frequent reader, I love reading. Ever since I could read, I read everything I could get my hands on. I think I must’ve got it from my mum who loves reading, and it has always been something we both shared that no one else in the family did. That’s why, when my mum goes to the bookstore she doesn’t even bother asking anyone other than me if they want to go. And that’s why, when we found the second-hand bookshop (where we could buy loads of books for half the price), we were both so delighted.

When I was younger, my mum chose my books for me to match the things she approved of- so what I read was kind of censored. Not that I mind that, I don’t. It’s a very good thing to do for a child who could be so easily influenced by what they read. As I got older, my mum let me choose my own books but before buying them she would check my choices and decide whether or not she approved of them. And I never once got a book that she asked me to take back, I knew what kinds of things she approved of, and I got those. Now as a young adult, I get to choose my own books without my mum’s approval, and sometimes I make mistakes by choosing books too quickly without reading the synopsis too thoroughly and end up throwing away the book because it has something I’m against or mature content or something like that.

Reading has always been a safe haven for me where I escaped this world and entered another one where my imagination could run wild. It has always been something I cherished. And therefore, I am a big advocate of reading! Whenever I find a chance, I try to introduce people to reading. So, today I’m offering you two things related to reading.

The first is this: I’m putting up my little collection of books (I always take mine back to the 2nd hand book store, so I don’t have many) up for grabs! You can choose a book from my collection and I’ll either lend it to you (if I haven’t finished reading it yet) or give it to you. All my books are in great condition. I hope some of you will take me up on this offer and choose something to read, you can browse through it, if you don’t like it, give it back! So it’s a win-win situation, you won’t lose anything!

This is the collection: I have classics, fantasy, mysteries…etc (some of the books I’ve had since I was 14 or so, but they are so good that I still go back and read them now!)

The second thing is: I’ve made a collection of origami bookmarks. I’m giving them away. Look at the photo and choose whichever one you like and I’ll give it to you! Please humor me and request one even if you don’t like them ;P

Theres like a little pouch/slit where you insert the corner of the page and its stays on!

That’s it for now. Waiting for book and bookmark requests! Please take me up on the offer!


PS went to watch "the kingdom" with bash and my sis today, it was fun!


Bash said...

I want the 2nd bookmark in the 1st picture(from the top). lool ,, it's because I already have the pink paper so I want something different =3.. They look nice and practical.. Don't underestimate your work..

Memo wants the Pink one since I chose the one she liked =P ,,

Nice book collection ,, I remember the first time I went to the 2nd-hand bookshop with you, your mum and washy..It was fun and I really liked that store.

Thanks for the nice offer =P ,, I still have your Chinese Cinderella book. Never had the time to read it. So I think I'll pass for now but I'm sure I'll be borrowing some books later.

Yeah ,, today was fun but my neck was killing me because of the nice spot we chose =P .

Ima-chan said...

LOL @ "nice spot"! yes such a strategic place, what made it worse what that i was wearing glasses (coz i tore one of my contacts) and had to put them up so high coz i kept seeing the half bottom of the screen clear and top part all fuzzy :D LOL but i enjoyed myself!
Keep "Chinese Cinderella" for as long as you like. I've read it like 10 times ^^ so i won't be needing it soon (u know i've had it since i was 14, LOL).

Ima-chan said...

Oh and i forgot, OK i will give u the bookmarks when i see u!

FeFe said...
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FeFe said...

for the book,i would like you to lend me " Eats, shoots and leaves"
and as for origami..i would like to have the light-purple one..

thanx for the offer..oyasumi:)

Reemy-chan said...

Kawaii .. nice bookmarks.sis. you know what i like ;) .. waiting for mine lol :P ..

About the books… I do not know what to choose... lol =D