Saturday, 13 October 2007

In memory of Adam Doha

I, in no way, shape or form, claim to be a poet. This is just the result of my feelings of empathy with a family friend. I am just giving myself an outlet to all that’s inside. I’m not calling it a poem, but it might loosely resemble one. (this is very crappy but i couldn't bring myself to go back and edit it without getting all emotional, so you have it as it is)

"Ever so slowly"

To Adam's mummy,

In memory of Adam Doha, a little loved boy who brought joy to his family in the less than 3 years he was with them.

Behind everyone’s ruthless gazes and stares,
Questions that need answering, orders that need fulfilling, favours that need returning.
Behind our closed doors and once empty place,
People fill the hallways, sit on every chair, crowd the kitchen filling it with homemade cooking.
The little ones are frozen in frame, time and space,
Awaiting his return.

They go on with daily actions, never failing to mention how he is absent from these normal settings.
How he isn’t brushing his tiny teeth, putting on his jamies or eating his dinner.
They miss him but think he’s coming back, so they mention him ever so casually,
never noticing the silence between their parents, the one tear that escapes the adults’ eyes and ever so slowly rolls down their cheeks..

Then the people stop coming after the shock wears off,
People stop consoling and comforting, they stop helping with the little ones..
And the privacy and the absence of people you wished for just a few days ago becomes unbearable,
The mere silence drives you insane,
and little things like weetabix make your remember your loved one’s short runs..
And that he is there no more..

You sit there thinking your all alone,
The kids are playing quietly, your husband mourning in his own manly way..
And a thousand miles away, tears are being shed over a little boy that was only heard of, and never seen..
They thought they’d see him next year when you came back to visit, but alas, he was ever so suddenly whisked away.

When it all sinks in, and you vow to move on..
Your faith, your strength, and your belief in your family and friends keeps you going.
You make a silent promise, to always remember him and tell others about him,
But deep down inside, you know you’ll never talk to others about him because it hurts too much, you’ll let him cease to exist..
but his memory in everyone’s hearts will never start fading.. in people’s heart he will always be living..

Short explanation:

  • In the first 2 lines i'm talking about people wanting to know how little Adam died.
  • The second section is about Adam's little brothers not understanding. (Jamies are pajamas)
  • In the third part i mention weetabix and short runs, that is a personal story his mother told my mum about how he used to be able to run faster if he ate all his weetabix for breakfast.
  • In the fourth part, im talking about all the Doha's family friends here (they are in another country) and how no one met Adam.
  • The fifth is kind of my personal view of people passing away and how they're remembered. Interpret it whichever way you like.

PS, Adam, who was not yet 3 years old, passed away almost a week & a half ago. He drowned and was then in a short coma before he passed away. We hope that he is now an angel in heaven.

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