Friday, 19 October 2007


Kinou wa honto ni tanoshikatta desu! ( you should already know what this means since I say it so much! If you don’t already know, it means yesterday was really fun!)

Message from bash to ima-chan at 11:30AM “What are your plans for today?”

Message from ima-chan to bash at 11:31AM “Nothing, why don’t u come over?”

Message from bash to ima-chan at 11:30AM “Ok I’ll come over after work. C U then”

04:45 Ima-chan driving her sisters to the ice skating rink at 150 km/hr so she can be back home before bash gets there (at 5:30)

05:15 Im-chan is back home awaiting bash’s arrival.

Bash doesn’t arrive. Ima-chan calls continuously from 5:30 to 7:00. No answer. Ima-chan gets worried. Calls bash’s sister “Is bash at home?”

Bash’s sister “No, I thought she was at your house”

“no she isn’t”

“well if she comes over let me know”

“ok bye”

Ima-chan calls bash at 7:00. At long last, bash answers “ im at the mall picking something up for my mum?”

“What? AT THE MALL? I’ve been so worried? Ok why didn’t u answer the phone?”

“Well, it was on silent..”

“WTH? Ok come quickly. We made ur favorite dinner”

“fajitas? Im coming as fast as I can” (LOL always love it)

…Bash arrived with a big unknown object (couldn’t see what it was coz it was dark) in hand.

Ima-chan: “Hi!”

Bash: “I got u a gift (coz she got her first salary)”

“WHAT?!! A GIFT? FOR ME?” (LOL--àfirst time she receives a gift)

Ima-chan tears into the wrapping never stopping to even thank Bash..

Just kidding..LOL..

Anwyas, bash came with a gift for her BESTEST BESTEST FRIEND ima-chan. We had dinner first which was yummy LOL, then we went to open the gift.. however, the gift was wrapped so professionally we thought we had to have a whole “gift opening” ceremony. Bash, armed with her camera started snapping away under the direction of bossy ima-chan. “no, not that angle, this one. See bash, theres more light here” (always so bossy with bash) and bash patiently did what she was told and NEVER hit ima-chan. LOL

Anyways, the gift was the best EVER. Bash knew exactly what would make me happy and got it for me, I couldn’t have chosen a better present. It just seemed like she knew everything I liked.. LOL.. maybe peered into my soul ;)

The gift was a CAMERA (she said so I could take better photos for my blog instead of my crappy photos ;) ) with a memory, a book about friendship, and loads of Japanese books & software & a kawaii teddy bear.

Here are some photos.

and last, the frogs we made, i made kaeru-kun, bash made kaeru-chan!
They're in love, don't tell anyone!

Later, we ate Baskin Robbins, chatted on MSN, Bash drew (I couldn’t draw if my life depended on it LOL), made origami frogs,.. (anything else I left out?)

After that, Bash left to go home taking her pink calendar (pink overdose) and her little froggies that I forced her to take ;P

That was all. Such a busy day filled with all kinds of emotions, worry, surprise, happiness,…etc. Thanks bash for the gift and for being such a great friend. I’m proud to call you my friend. (and im sure everyone is silently thanking you for saving them from looking at my crappy photos ;) )



FeFe said...

very interesting post to read..u r good at diversifiying ur writing styles in ur posts..subarashi..

i hope u n bash will stay frnds forever..isho ni..

keep ur posts coming

Bash said...

you finally received the photos xD
lool ,, my stupid laptop chose this time to play the restart game with me =P ,, Sorry for taking too long to send them.

I liked the way you wrote this post ,, I told you you should consider writing a book =3.

I'm sorry I made you guys worry. You know I wasn't really getting something for mum. I was searching for a camera then went to a nice shop where they rapped all the gifts XD ,,It was fun ..

Dinner was really yummy ,, I want another sandwich :3 ,,

I was really glad you liked the gifts. The Japanese things were hard to find but the expression on your face was worth it.

The origami frog was fun to make but I really wanted to make the Kimono one. Hope we can make it next time =).

PS: Today was the day ima-chan took off the beautiful pink layout.

That should be recorded in your blog =P

Ima-chan said...

LOL @ Bash! i dont have the HTML for the old one, or i would give it to you! I don't like pink anyway because you make up for both of us by liking too much!

Washy said...

lol .. Bash likes pink? maybe loves it? i never knew that cause she doesnt seem like a person that likes it .. untill yesterday when she saw my layout and got all PINNKKKK and that =P

i like this green one =)

and i'm glad you enjoyed your time yesterday .. its sounded like alot of fun when u guys were talkin' to me on msn ..


Bash said...

ima-chan: lool ,, this one is nice too ,, You know that green used to be my favorite color.. The only thing that we have to figure out is how to change the color of the shoutbox to green.

Washy: loooooooooool ,, I don't really know when I started to like pink but I really love it now. I just bought a pink watch just because it was pink.

"i never knew that cause she doesnt seem like a person that likes it "

he he ,,I'm not the same Bash ^_* ,,

Yeah it was fun , missed having you there ,, hope to see u soon ,,