Thursday, 25 October 2007

Random Post-Random Stuff

Due to popular demand, I've made a tutorial movie about how to make the origami bookmarks. I couldn't upload it on Youtube for some reason, so if you want it you have to download it (takes about 3 minutes), but its pretty small so that shouldn't stop you! Here it is.

Oh by the way, I opened a DeviatArt account a week or so ago. I'm no artist! but i will be posting some everyday photos that i like. So i thought I'd put the link up here in case anyone wants to check it out (Ima-chan on DeviartArt)

These are some photos from this past week:

Eating oishii Cinnabon Stix!
A visit to the 2nd hand book shop!
A visit to Sanrio "The one-stop smile shop" as they claim!
Getting some Japanese studying in whenever i can!
Shout outs:

BASH: Sorry your week was so bad with all the PURPLENESS in the world sticking to you! LOL and I'm sorry i keep laughing about it! :P In a week's time you will be laughing too!

Reemy-chan: Thanks with the help on the last post =) you have a really good memory!

Fefe-chan: Thanks for being my muse! =) and encouraging me to write!

Washy: Miss you loads, and you still didn't send me the pix!

Thats all for now. Thanks for reading & commenting!

PS sorry the pix look so bad, blogger makes them that way, click on them to see a better higher quality pic.


Reemy-chan said...

Konbanwa Ima chan ..

Random comment :P ..

Nice video sis ;) .. so now I can make one instead of waiting 4 mine .. lol ..

I will check the DeviatArt account later ^^.. but keep the artist work am going to check it often for sure..

Nice photos siso ^^..

And finally no need to thanx ^^.. am going to support you always :) .. and I am here when you need me ^^..

FeFe said...

thanks for the illustrative gonna try make one myself..LOL (i liked the idea of including the iPod)..

Also, thanks for the shout out sweetie..keep your post coming:)

Ima-chan said...

Thanks for the comments =)