Saturday, 20 October 2007

Against all odds!

To FeFe-chan:

The first time we met was coincidence, my sister's friend (my cousin) set you up with me. Do you remember? When they said to stick together because we were both new at uni? Well, we ended up being friends and sticking together for a while-we were so close- and then we chose different paths and somehow our friendship got lost in the midst of all the chaos. We met, we talked, but weren't close. Then we found a common denominator, something that strengthened our ties and pulled us together, our love of Japan & the Japanese language. Are we close now? I would say yes we are.. were we close a while ago? i can't even remember.. you know when something happens and its so good, or so bad, that you forget what your life was like before it happened? like me trying to remember my life before my sister moved away, for example. I just cant remember it, it seems forever since shes been gone. Thats what its like with you now, i feel like you've been close to me forever and that we never lost that connection. But in truth we did, and theres a lot we need to make up for, but i really do hope you can count me as one of your close friends.

I learnt a lot about you today, from a simple game of Yes/No questions. A lot of things surprised me, some made me laugh, smile, some even made me want to cry. All in all, i learnt so much more about you and the thing is, i realized that i already knew you because you & I are so alike. We found lots of opposites in out likes, tastes, but on the important things we never once disagreed. I hope that realization just strengthens our bond and draws us closer. I just want you to know that no matter how far apart we may be, at any point in time, i want you to know that there is someone out there who cares for you dearly and wants to see you happy. I want to always be there for you, but if im not, then you should know that im probably there for you in my own way-the only way i can. Let's stick together and keep our friendship alive-against all odds!

Peace out!


FeFe said...

For sure i remember the first time we met and remember the place as well...i was really moved by what you wrote..but i held my tears back yes/no game we played today..i told u i wanna be strong..u too..u should be strong..lets make it another chatacteristic we share..

i dnt know wt to say..except that even if we dont see each other for whatever will always be precious to me..u mentioned that there was a time when we just didnt seem close together, i bet you we were..but maybe we couldnt make ourselves clear enough to each other..but i wanted to let u know..that i always talked to myself saying that i will always miss that girl..even if we didnt have that common denominator..i do care for u...luv..fefe

Bash said...

Hope your friendship stays alive forever. =]

Ima-chan said...

Fefe: I don't know what to say. Thanks for the comment, really!

Bash: Thanks! i hope it does stay alive forever! and our friendship too! :)

Washy said...

Wow .. i was moved by all the fefe-chan talk .. and i'm not even part of it lol ..

inshallah you stay friends for ever and ever no matter what =)

love ya sis

Ima-chan said...

LOL @ washy. Thanks for the comment. Love u too sis ^^