Sunday, 28 October 2007

resutoran ni ikitai kibun desu!

(Baby-script aka hiragana & katakana)

レストラン に いきたい きぶn です。みんな、こんしゅう の しゅうまつ なに を する よてい です か。いっしょ に にほん の レストラン へ いきません か。きて ください!

Resutoran ni ikitai kibun desu. Minna, konshuu no shuumatsu nani o suru yotei desu ka? Issho ni nihon no resutoran e ikimasen ka? Kite kudasai!

I feel like going to a restaurant. Everyone, what are your plans for this weekend? Would you like to go together to a Japanese restaurant? You should come/please come!

Just thought I’d write something in Japanese for once. This is a real offer, so how about it? I already know BASH-chan won’t say no. Meme-chan, you said you’ll ask your parents, please do! I want you to come! Fefe-chan, is there any way you could come too? I’m not sure about your family, would they let you? Please come and brings your sisters too.

The place I go to is great. It has great food (not all seafood, bash!) and they have little rooms so its really private! Meme-chan, tell your mum that my mum is going too. I’ll make her go with her friend and sit in the room next to us. LOL, we don’t want any old ladies with us..

Please come guys, it would be so much fun!

Since this post is so boring, I'm going to include a photo.

(click to enlarge)

later mates!

PS arigatou fefechan for the songs! I’m in love with NEWS. The Gundam song is really good too. (correct my Japanese please if theres anything wrong!)


FeFe said...

i liked your post and offer =) But i have to ask my mum if she doesnt mind!!

i would really like to go..lets pray she says yes LOL

about the sentence in japanese..i think its a great idea to inlcude something like that very often ( we need to practice n make sentences to improve)

you did your best sweetie=)

FeFe said...

oh i forgot to say that the picture is great =) yoku dikimashita

Ima-chan said...

I hope she says yes! That would be great!

I will try to include more japanese, but im afraid of making mistakes and looking like a fool, so i dont.. but i know i need to practice.. in future posts hopefully..

Glad you like the photo! TC dear

Reemy-chan said...

hi Ima-chan .. I hope wallah !_! .. lol am going to tell ur mum :P ..

I hope I learn hiragana quickly... so I can understand what u wrote ^^