Wednesday, 10 October 2007

アイスクリム すき じゃない(Aisu kurimu suki janai)

I don't like ice-cream! I guess im weird, i'm not really into sweet things, i prefer sorbets..

Yesterday my friend BASH came over for dinner, we tried cooking something, bad idea! LOL i guess it was mostly me, i messed it up, it was supposed to be a bread-like thing but turned into a pie thingy that wouldn't turn brown on the outside no matter how long we cooked it for, and it was like a rock when it came out.. we couldn't even cut it.. i was knocking on it and it was practically as hard as my bedroom door LOL.. Anyways, after dinner we went to the mall with my mum coz i wanted to get something and on the way out Bash was like "i feel like having something sweet? ice cream or something?" So we went to Marble Slab Creamery for some ice cream, and then raced to the car before it melted, actually it was a disaster, it melted on the way to the car & was dripping all over us and stuff.. and i was thinking "i don't even like ice cream".. anyways, one whole tissue box later we were ok.. It was fun i guess.. LOL..
Just when i thought i'd seen the last of ice cream, my dad got us all some on his way home today from Baskin Robbins, it was better this time coz i had the rainbow sorbet but i think I've had enough of ice cream for at least 6 months.. So I'm saying out loud, don't give me any ice cream, aisukurimu suki janai! わかた?wakatta? (got it?)

Thats it for now, nothing new.. actually there is but i don't feel like blogging right now.. thats enough for now..

Ja ne! Oyasumi!


Bash said...

The way you write , it's just fun to read. I think you should consider writing a novel or something =P

anyway , I can still taste that huge ice cream we had the other day, loved it. The only part I didn't like was when it started melting on my hand =3 ( We wasted a whole box of tissues XD lool )

loool , I can't believe you ate more ice cream when you got home. That's just too funny ( remembered when you told us in the car that it was the last time you eat ice cream for a long time) =P. I think you like ice cream but you don't want to admit it looool

No comment on the other part of your post ( cooking ) except that I had fun cutting the tomatoes and receiving your orders =P

Ima-chan said...

LOL sorry about being so bossy while cooking XD i just wanted it to turn out right, i guess it didnt work, huh? LOL

No i really don't like ice cream, i'll let you know if i ever get a change of heart ^^

Thanks for the comment.. It seems so boring to me, the way i write, so im glad you think its interesting..