Tuesday, 30 October 2007

The low down on blogging & more good news

mou ichido, omedeto marie-sensei! Your baby is so cute and tiny!

I went shopping for baby clothes today, that was fun! Everything was so cute.. and then i visited marie-sensei at the hospital.. we had a pleasant visit, and i enjoyed holding the tiny baby =) Then a Japanese friend of marie's dropped by and i got to practice my Japanese on her ;)

I got more good news from reemy-chan today! That made my day! Thanks for sharing, its nice to see everyone so happy for a change! LOL. Another great piece of news i got is that fefe-chan and her sister(s) will be going to the Japanese restaurant with me on Sat! Bash, you still didn't answer! please do!

Overall, this has been a great week. So much good news! I wish it would stay this way, or i wish i could give others good news too and make them happy! When your happy, you just feel its not fair for others not to be, and you just want to share some of your happiness, trade it in and give others some!

Today when me and my mum were leaving to go shopping, i got in the car with a bottle of green tea (thanks reemy-chan!) and some sembei and my mum was like, wow you're really turning Japanese! LOL

I'm dreading Thursday because i have an appointment with my doc and i feel like i wont be happy to hear what she has to say.. hopefully not! So i get to miss a class on Thursday, but its going to be a long day. I have the appointment, then i need to go to uni and practice for the ICDL which begins on Sunday, and then a class at 11, and then a club meeting at 12, and then i need to go to the mall to get some bits & pieces.. I'm going to be busy!

I was just talking to my sis about blogging. I was telling her how reemy-chan and I have become closer since i started blogging, not sure why but i guess because some kind of barrier has disappeared! and i was telling her that it would be a great idea if she read my blog, i know our relationship would improve dramatically if she read my posts because she'll just understand me better.. Her, more than anyone, we have never been that close and just never understood each other. and a few months ago she started blogging, and i used to read her blogs (she didn't know it then) and i just understood her more, and knew what she likes/didn't like and when she was upset and when she was happy so our relationship was so much better coz like when i knew she was feeling down, i wouldn't confront her but i would in a way try to comfort her. She stopped a while ago and i miss knowing how shes doing even thought we live together, there are things we just don't come right out and say but in a blog its easier to say. So i was telling her about that today, and she was like, yeah.. but i don't think she'll read my blog.. too grown up and boring for her.. she wants some entertainment! LOL

No photos today so im putting stills from one of my favorite songs at the moment: Sayaendou by NEWS
Missing both my other sisters, hope to see both soon! I miss my older bro too, haven't seen him for at least 5 days!


FeFe said...

its really interesting to read your daily activties and know what you did and what are your plans for the coming days =) to tell you the truth, when i read your blog there is always a smile on my face..Dont ask my why LOL it just make me feel happy somehow..

its good to know that you're becoming closer than before with reemy-chan..

i hope that you still in contact and by each other's side as well forever (itsumo)

i also hope that you will see your two sisters as soon as possible..missing someone is really hard..but this is life, so ganbatte ne :)

Ima-chan said...

Thanks for the comment fefe-chan. I love reading ur blog too! im so glad u enjoy my boring & often very long posts!
love, Ima

Reemy-chan said...

I don’t know what to say ... :$ just I hope to be friends for ever Ima-chan :) .. your r one of my best best friends ^^..

I hope the good news continue forever .. am really happy for you^^..

I hope that you will be closer with ur sisters and see both of them soon :)

Ima-chan said...

Thanks reemy-chan =)

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