Sunday, 7 October 2007

Tarako Sensation

I can't wait for Season 4 of LOST! and Season 2 of Eureka (I've only seen the first 3 eps, looking forward to the rest), i need to catch up on Heroes & Prison Break too, i haven't had too much time lately to watch what I've missed.. Oh, and lets us not forget, the one & only forty-four-hundred " the 4400", its soo good, cant wait to see all of Season 4.. i love the beginning song, & Eureka's too.. they're so addicting..

I still haven't watched the final episode of Hana Kimi.. i want to watch it so badly but can't find it anywhere with Eng subs.. :(

On to the main topic here, I can't beleieve i haven't blogged about the "tarako" sensation that swept all of Japan a while back. Whats it all about? let me explain a bit and then leave you to watch it for youself..

A company called QP had an ad on the tele in Japan about a "tarako" sauce (which is cod roe? eggs? i think) for pasta, and how better to advertise it than have 2 little 10 year old girls wearing tarako -shaped hat thingys on their heads signing and dancing to an addicting song about tarako? Sounds weird right? but it has been such a hit that the girls now have a CD out with the full song. Watch this video & see for yourself if the song doesn't stick in your head for days..and days.. and days.. LOL

Thats it for now.. cheers mates!

EDIT: here are the lyrics in romaji & english.. give it a go =)

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