Monday, 22 October 2007

A day online with Ima-chan!

I couldn't be bothered to write anything to do, so i made a random video (which i made in 5 minutes and didn't even edit, so it basically crap). If you want to watch it, please do! If not, i don't blame you.

Other than going online today, me, my mum, & sis had to go to my uncle's house coz they had English people who are on holiday here, going over and my aunt doesn't speak English so we had to go and sit with these people. There were two young girls, we had a blast!

Cheers people! n'night!


Reemy-chan said...

Lool @ our conversation :P .. I cannot stop laughing ..
but nice movie Ima-chan ^^..
enjoy ur time in ur uncle's house ^^

Reemy-chan = meme-chan :) ..

FeFe said...

shall i say yoi eega or ii eega..LOL i think you will go with the second one unlike me!!

btw..i liked the idea and it was interesting to watch before going to bed ne?!

ja ne..

Ima-chan said...

LOL @ fefe-chan. We both know i'd choose ii eega, but you use yoi eega, its ok!

It was very poorly executed, the movie i mean, but i had a good idea in mind.

Bash said...

It is different than the usual videos I see everyday ,, I liked it ..

Next time I want you to spend more time , If this video was made in 5 minutes then imagine how good it will be in 20 !!

You'll say " not that great =P"
but I'm sure it will be =3