Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Japanese Studies Progress: i-adjectives

So far I've learnt 43 of the i-adjectives from the JLPT kyuu 4 list. I've also studied the grammar for conjugating i-adjectives (which i already knew before but just revised). i-adjectives or keiyooshi are probably the easiest thing, everything's uphill from now. Thejapanesepage has the easiest explanation so i'm putting a link up here in case someone wants it.

Other than that, theres nothing else to say so i'm putting an example of what the conjugation for i-adjectives looks like. This is really really basic stuff that i learnt a long time ago.


kono ocha wa atsui (desu). この おちゃ わ あつい です。 This tea is hot!
kono ocha wa atsukatta. この おちゃ わ あつかった。 This tea was hot!
kono ocha wa atsukunai. この おちゃ わ あつくない。 This tea is not hot!
kono ocha wa atsukunakatta. この おちゃ わ あつくなかった。 This tea was not hot!

Theres also a more formal way but i dont want to get into that. I'm going to attempt to make an origami swan now, let's see how it turns out.

PS i need to practice my japanese, i need to talk to someone. Fefe from now on, if you know how to say it in Japanese then your not allowed to say it in any other langauge.wakatta? nihongo de!!

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