Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Karendaa to kaeru-chan

I made myself a calendar today after reading my friend FeFe's latest blog post and realizing that a canlendar is excalty what i need! I need to see exactly what i have to have done and by when, that way i can work in advance and not at the last minute..

kawaii ne?
want one, beg! LOL just kidding, i'll give you one if you want.

PS i wrote the month and week days in hiragana ;P hey im just a begginner, what do you expect?!

Oh and bash, i did make you the origami froggy i promised ^^ but i made it at about 2 AM so i didn't have any green-coloured paper thats why its white. I'll make you a green one now, and one that actually jumps. No kidding! You have to come get it though, OK?

Meet kaeru-chan!

Does it even look like a frog? what a funky frog ^^ i'm making another less funky one for you..

Thats it for now, im working on my EDUCATION project.. trying to be a bit creative, its about teaching mathematics to students who are visually impaired (weird? why? isn't that what all accounting majors do? take an education course..LOL) and i want to do a display thing that i can show the class + an activity they can do. I'll do a post about that when its finished, with photos hopefully ( i need a camera instead of my lame excuse of a phone camera ;) i know)

Minna, GENKI DE! (stay genki! if you don't know what genki means then maybe you shouldn't be reading my blog.. im serious)


Bash said...

yeah it does XD ,,
Yay ,, I'm so glad you made me one ,,
I also want a pink calender PweeeeeeZ =3 * begging =P* <-- satisfied ? lol

hey ima-chan ,, what does Kaeru and Genki mean ? *asking a question that could lead to death =P *

Ima-chan said...

LOL kaeru means frog. Genki???? you dont know what it means? you better find out what it means yourself or forget about calling me your friend ^^ im serious! LOL
Sure, one pink calendar coming right up! Only because you begged..LOL

Bash said...


Bash said...

ok ,, found the meaning =3 & I'm not feeling Genki anymore..
wait a sec, Did you just say forget about calling me a friend :@ !!

I hate you :[ ,, << you know I don't mean it =P

I have a bad headache ,I'll see you when I see you ..

I mean I'll see you when I come pick up Mr. Frogy =3