Thursday, 30 October 2008


Not a single post in October got any comments >_< (except yesterdays coz bash had to defend herself lol)


Bash said...

looool ,, 7abeebty ..
I'll reply to all the posts now..

I know how you feel
My problem is that I read at work or before I go to bed then I say I'll reply later .. w 3ogob a7es too late

I promise I'll reply to everything awal ma achoofhom

Test Me =P

FeFe said...

Hi there..I won't defend myself i have to admit i was lazy and I dont get to use the net very often like the way i used to do..except last week, i would say I'm back to normal lol surfing the net, utube and so..anyhow sorry for the lack of the comments (I read but didnt comment) for the Japanese dont have to post about them dear I know how its hard and I cannot guarantee I would read every single bit of them..unless there is something really interesting or you think it would be benificial for me in one way or another, I would be greatful;)

Suki Da:-*