Friday, 24 October 2008


gomen ne.. ive been neglecting my blog.. ive just been to tired after work to even think about writing a post.. but i'd like to get back into the swing of things again.. i'll just write short snippets about a couple of things..

My sis & Ali : just realized i never mentioned that they went back home, in DXB. That was 2 weeks ago, i miss Ali so much, so we're going to dxb tomorrow to visit. although it wont be enough..

Macbook Air: proving to be harder than i thought but thats only coz i wont sit down and read the tutorials. I really dont know how to use it.. so out of laziness i open my other laptop and use them side by side. demo i really need to read how to do some basic stuff that i dont know how to do on a mac.

Japanese classes: im gonna stop writing the reviews coz its just getting to the point where im learning too much and its too tiring to write about and explain. fefechan, hope you dont mind.. i dont think uve been readin the others anyways lol so you wont mind. The classes are going pretty good and ive been learning some grammar on my own, i just need to practice.. 

Work: im still not 100% sure this is how its gonna go but im 99% sure lol.. i like my job now, its just too much work with the other A/P person on leave for so long, its just taken its toll on me and made me hate having to work so hard.. and the number of annual leave days allowed leaves much to be desired.. SO im looking for other jobs, better ones with more holiday (thats my main criteria) and ive actually found one but still looking.. i PLAN to give in my 1 month's notice at the end of november, that way i'll stop working by the end of december.. take time off to go to japan, come back and start applying for jobs.. i think if i dont find a job (highly unlikely it seems) then i will be perfectly happy just staying at home and startin my own business or somethin.. So thats the plan, we'll see how it goes..

Japan: i think we'll be booking our flights once im sure about what im doing, so in a week or two.. plan to have a blast this time, and if my sis goes it will be great.. also hoping mari-san will still be in tokyo by then..

Mari-san, im thinkin this time we could get suica or pasmo cards instead of JR coz i dont think we really got its value out of it last time. what do you think?

Nana: my granma left on monday. missing her already.

Piper: after havin him for 4 or maybe 5 years, we had to give him away. my mum was getting sick because of him, constatly cough, really bad coughs, so hes gone :( i didnt really spend much time with him but i miss his presense.

What else to talk about? not much else i guess.. i'll update again soon..

Ja mata!

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Bash said...

Washy & Ali : I'm glad you got to see them last weekend.

Macbook Air: loool , that was one of the disadvantages but you'll get there =P. You should stick to it so that you can learn faster.

Japanese classes: I think it's cool that you're learning a lot in those Japanese classes. I'll make sure I buy a white board soon cuz I'll have the best teacher ever =P

Work: No Comment about this one.

Japan: I'm so excited for you, I feel happy like I'm going there myself. I wanted to join you but I don't want to intrude + I think I won't have enough time to save for the trip. Hope you have more fun than last time.

Nana: Aww ,, 7leelha yadatch

Piper: Poor piper , he broke my heart but your mom's health is more important.

See you