Sunday, 26 October 2008


i had an epiphany while having dinner.. actually, thats not true, ive thought of this before but...
Why is it that we think tuna fish sandwiches are normal and ok to eat but if someone offered us any kind of other fish mashed up with mayonnaise and/or ketchup we'd probably think its disgusting and throw it in their faces? I'm not really a big fan of tuna sandwiches, but i do have them every now and then and i think their pretty normal. yet if a chinese or japanese or african person gave you something even milder than that, you'd probably think it was weird and disgusting. I guess its just what your used to and what you grow up around that you consider normal, and everything else is just not normal..
Ok enough about that,,

Yoriko sensei and i had an interesting conversation the other day about accents, japanese accents. I was reading and she noticed something and made me say a couple of words, like hashi for example, I can't even remember how i said but apparently i say it like people from tokyo do and she says it like people from osaka and around there say it.. its hard to explain but one is like HAshi and the other is like haSHI lol you have to hear me say it to see the difference.. oh well..

Ok now im just practicing the 2 new grammar rules i learn last week, since i have a class again tomorrow..

1) nihon de wa iroiro na nihon ryouri wo tabetemitai to omoimasu!
2) buta wo tabete wa ikemasen!

Ok random sentences but nevermind..

I met a new girl today at work. Guess what? shes into dramas, the Japanese language, and Japan! ^_^ sugoku ureshikatta!

shukudai ga aru no de ashita kakimasu yo! Ja mata!

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Bash said...

I agree , it's about what you're used to. Especially for people who don't like trying new food like me =P

I think it's cool to have the Tokyo accent.

She's nice isn't she ?

Ja Ne