Thursday, 30 October 2008

Books and anime

Ive been into reading lately, the past 2 weeks ive been ignoring my laptop as much as I can and reading. I read a book called “three cups of tea” about a guy called Greg Mortenson whose been building schools in Pakistan for mnay years. Its an interesting book, reading about the bond between him and the Pakistani people and his reflections on the people and islam.. The book wasn’t one of the best ive read but I couldn’t put it down once I started reading, it was inspiring to say the least. I’m now reading another book called “Enemy Combatant” which I start reading very reluctantly. I knew if I started reading it I’ll be ignoring my laptop again, but I started reading it yesterday. Its about an innocent briton’s experience being held captive in Gunatanamo Bay and being released years later with no apoplogy or even an explanation for why he was held and tortured for years. It seems ok so far, I’ll see how it turns out.

When I haven’t been reading, ive been watching an anime Bash recommended called “bokura ga ita”. Its ok but not as good as “lovely complex”.

This weekend im gonna watch the first episode of Ryo’s new drama and hopefully complete watching Code Blue (arigatou fefechan). I’m also supposed to be meeting Reemy-chan and Ghada for lunch but I haven’t heard from Reemy-chan.. On Friday we have people coming over >_<>

I just had a break from work so decided to post. I’m so hungry, should be going with Bash to the mall for lunch in a bit.. New York Fries is the best! I love their fries with all that cheese and sour cream, so fattening and bad for you, but its so yummy!

Ok back to work now..later!
PS everyone on the floor seems to have Facebook open, even the auditor ^^


Bash said...

I didn't know you started reading , I miss it but I don't know why I can't stick to one book. I can't find any interesting book or maybe I lost interest with all those websites and anime. lol

Bokura Ga ita is very cute but watch out , there is an episode shway ma95a.

You should see the anime version of "it started with a kiss" , maybe you'll like it bas il mishkila you already watched the drama.

Ima , if you have any nice Japanese movies on ur computer give me a copy. 5a6ry achoof shay nice.

loool ,, today's break was fun wasn't it =P .

awana , Ma kint adry facebook was popular at work loool

Yalla take care

Momoiro - Pinku

FeFe said...

Just want to say that I found a drama streaming is the link:

yemken ta3rfena bs it has Ryusei no Kizuna ep 2 already..but Mysoju's quality was better..

I watched the ep 1 and 2 already..I liked the drama;)

Mata ne