Tuesday, 14 October 2008

MacBook Air

I finally got a new laptop!

Although i still think the MacAir is not practical, not having a CD/DVD player, i'd already fallen in love, so i just bought it.. and bought a separate CD/DVD player. I must say i was super impressed by the packaging, it seemed like they had payed attention to every little thing while designing the packaging and everything.. I'm also super impressed by the mac, it starts almost instantly, i press the button and the screen appears within 5 seconds or something, compared to my other laptop >_< theres just no comparison..

I got a purple cover, i sooo wanted a green one but they didn't have any for the MacAir just for the other macs.. i might have to get one online, the purple is OK but i just love green ..

Its thinner than my mobile!I LOVE the illumintaing keyboard, so cool & practical at night, i never used to turn off the light when im on the laptop coz i needed to see the keys, but now..
Its too thin to have normal USB ports so they're hidden and come out when you need them..
Thats all for now, i have another update coming in a bit.. hopefully..
bai bai!

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Bash said...

I saw it in one of the stores the other day and I loved how small and cute it was. The only problem was that I wasn't happy with the features ( The RAM , Hard disk capacity and stuff + having external CD player).

However, I'm starting to like it. especially when I saw the Pink cover the other day =P

Hope you find a green cover