Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Bash says,,

Bash is gonna kill me for wrintin this lol but who cares,,

She says im aggressive in writing, in emails to her or even my blog, shes entitled to her own opinion :D and I don’t mind being called aggressive, I actually think its just that im assertive, which is definitely a good thing in my dictionary, I hate being all wishy washy if you know what that means lol


How can someone be aggressive in writing? Like in my blog, what would be called aggressive? LOL maybe she means when I give my opinions about things straight up with no courtesies and nice talk, could that be it? I really just don’t get how you can be aggressive when you’re not addressing a certain person.. hmmm she gave me something to think about, what could it be.. but she doesn’t realize I took this as a compliment lol..

Enough now, back to work..


Bash said...

I didn't even think about it lol ..
Remember - Meano-Chan , that's you ..

5agaga wa7da =P

Bash said...

ignore the 1st sentence .. I wanted to say that I didn't even think you'll take it seriously but my mind wasn't with me =P

Banetfaham ba3deen lol
Ja Ne

Ima-chan said...

5agaga? from that post? lol what exactly did i say that made you say that.. hmmm ur weird..

Bash said...

I know I am =P
i7im i7im ,, unique lol
walla asoolef ,, madry shfeeni 3aleech today .