Tuesday, 14 October 2008

kinou no class


I had a japanese class yesterday, so im gonna post about it while its still fresh in my brain :D

The paragraph i wrote for the class was about Japan, what i did last year and stuff like that. Yoriko-sensei said it was the best ive written so far ^^ i didnt have any mistakes although i thought i would. Except she gave me some better alternatives to one sentence i wrote which is "sono shashin (i talked about some photos before) wo miru to "nihon ni ikitai" to omoimasu". Yoriko-sensei suggested, 'nihon ni ikitaku narimasu', as it might sound better, although she said my senetence was perfectly fine.

On to kanji, i didnt learn any new kanji since last class, only learnt to recognize them, they were 豚buta, 酒sake, 牛gyuu, 肉niku, 卵tamago, 円yen, and 魚sakana. 

Grammar! i learnt how to use "no desu"/"n desu". Apparently its used for asking or stating a condition. e.g. if someone seems sick you can use it when asking, and they can use it when stating how they are feeling. example,
Person A: どうしたんですか。
Person B:  は が いたいんです。

It is also used when asking for more detail, or stating something in more detail. Example,
Person A:  にちようび に いっしょに つり に いきません か。
Person B:  どこ へ いくんです か。
Person A:  ふじさん の ちかく の みずうみ です。

Another usage which yoriko-sensei taught me before is using it when making a request,invitation or asking for information. Examples,
1)すみません、つかいかた が わからないんです。おしえて ください。
2)あした、ともだち と かいもの い いくんですが、いっしょに いきませんか。

I'm tired im gonna finish this tomorrow lol 
じゃあ、また あした!

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Bash said...

I'm impressed
You're very dedicated. That's my only problem =P

Inshalla in few years you'll be fluent and would be able read kanji and hiragana very easily =3