Wednesday, 12 November 2008

bits and peices

I havent updated in a looong time. So i'll just summarize anything thats happened in the past 3 weeks?

My aunt died and we were all shocked, shes not old.. ive never met anyone who didnt like her, shes was such a good and kind person, i really loved her, so did everyone else. When we were kids and mum and dad had to travel, they would leave us all summer at her house coz we used to get along with her kids so well.. However, she was a vey good muslim mashallah so that put our minds a bit at ease. Seeing her daughters was hard, they're all younger than me, 20, 18, 16, and younger with the youngest boy 3 years old. During the funeral he walked infront of all the ladies saying, mummy where are you.. and everyone started crying.. anyways allah yer7amha o y'3amed roo7ha eljanna, o y9aber halha..

Other than that, i cant really remember what happened..

Yesterday i booked our flight to Japan, the 11th of Jan to the 26th of Jan. My bro is going to pay for them today.. and now im looking for hotels, although i think we might stay the prince park tower tokyo again, can't find anything that looks better..

Fefechan might be going to Japan on the 23rd too, so we might be able to meet one day, that would be cool.. i wanna have fun..

Work is tiring and i can't wait to stop, demo the woman in HR wants to meet me, i guess to convince me to stay, but she never has the time and she wont answer my questions by email :S i'll just hand in my letter then if she doesnt meet me till the end of novemeber..

The officeboy here is really bothering me, hes so clingy, and i think coz i actually am polite to him he thinks im his friend and hes always asking me stuff and wanting me to help him and stuff.. its getting so annoying and uncomfortable, i dont even ask for tea now coz that means he'll have to come and talk to me.. im gonna start being firm and straight forward, hes really taking it too far.. and everything he tells me hes like, please dont tell anyone or i will get in trouble.. i need water, but im not even going to ask for it..damn..

ive been having lunch alone every single day this week in the car in the mall carpark! how pathetic lol but nevermind, atleast the car doesnt judge me or hurt my feeling lol

Better go..

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