Monday, 17 November 2008

random stuff

Even my sensei knows about NEWS lol shes tryin to keep me focused by includin them in the lesson :D


Today in my japanese class i told my sensei "ive been a bad student" coz i hadnt studied.Somehow it sounded so wrong and kinky lol

My sensei and i will be coming back from Japan on the same flight, how cool is that! by sheer coiencidence.. sugoi ne..

Been listening to MOLA since i turned my laptop on, its got a nice beat to it.. not to mention you get to hear yamapi sing all alone...

I was watching a movie, the mist, im halfway though and now the next part won't load, bummer, i was really into it..

I missed my two little girls today, usually in my break from work i go over to my mum's friend A's house, coz its like 5 mins away, and we're practically family lol and A is still at work so i go and sit with little M whose 3 (i think) and AA whose 4 (again,, i think) and they chat with me and teach me cool baby stuff like dipping crisps in coke before eating them and stuff lol i have a blast actually.. i didnt go over today so i miss them now..

I wish i could get the energy + time to update my ipod and put new stuff, i havent added anything since going to srilanka/malaysia.. Its just so time consuming, having to find the songs in the right format or convrting them, all the hassle..

I wonder if we're still gonna stalk yamapi, fefechan? still up to it.. hhh

I want to go to the mall and find fefechan there by chance again :D we have to go shopping for Japan together..


FeFe said...

konbanwa..texted you few min ago but no reply so i guess you're sleeping..

what a coiencidence you and your sensei..its going to be great but are you referring to Marie-sensei or Yoriko-sensei?

omoshiroi news atata no sensei wa no koto shitte imasu..dare ga suki desuka

PS: y do u have to mention Mola first??..but i tottaly agree its got a nice beat and his Eglish wasnt bad ne..dnt make go on lol i won't stop complementing hh

same here with the ipod:S

I want to stalk Pi..i want to see him :-* can we do it in the one day that we Inshallah meet in in Japan

as for shopping, if you want to go i will..I don't mind at all and meeting like that in marina was fun :)


Ima-chan said...

gomen, i had just gone to sleep like 5 mins before u texted me..

I was talkin about yoriko-sensei.. oh and she doesnt like news or anything, just knows i do so she included them in the lesson..

I have to start work.. ttyl

Washe said...

hi sis. u need a complete makeover for your blog hehehe xD

See you tomorrow inshallah.