Sunday, 2 September 2007

Starting uni, drinking tea..

The first day of classes was ok i guess. Our Finance professor gave us our books & an assignment. bummer! Then i had to go with mum for the monthly shopping which turned out to be more like 2-month grocery shopping since shes not sure how long they're staying in Thailand. Oh and my bro came back from London last night, i have yet to see him but i hear hes going to Thailand too for a week. YAY!! home alone, we can party! NOT!! That means i'm going to be responsible for everything and if anything happens i'm in charge. We'll see how that goes, i hope no emergencies happen!

Oh yeah, so i decided to buy some tea-drink thingy at the supermarket today. Why? No idea, i just figured if everyone in Japan drinks them instead of soda most of the time then they must be good. and whilst i didn't pick a Japanese product, i was pleasantly surprised! I got peach flavoured green tea drink and it totally kicked ass. I loved it! Next time i'm buying loads.. and i have to look for other flavours.. i had no idea what i was missing!! Glad i got it. Oh yeah and i did get some Pocari Sweat, im giving it another try to see if i like it a bit better now that i know what its like..
So tomorrow i have to:
  • take my dad's car and go to uni.
  • go pay the telephone,internet, and cable TV bills.
  • pay the newspaper guy for the month.
  • go collect something for mum.
  • pay the electricity bill.
  • and decide on what we're having for lunch.
Well, im off to listen to my japanese podcast lessons. TC everyone. Jya ne!

EDIT: i found out the secret to drinking Pocari Sweat, drink it ice cold! Soo much better, cool & refreshing ;)

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