Friday, 21 September 2007

Can't think straight!

I was wondering about thinking, a bit philosophical i know, what it is and all that..Actually i was watching TV and there was this girl that had her back to the camera and i just wanted to see her face, i don't know why, it just annoyed me that every time the camera showed everyone else's face except her.. what does this have to do with thinking? ok i'll get right down to it.. So anyways, i kept thinking "turn around i want to see your face" and then i thought, "why can i hear myself thinking, do i always talk when i think?" so i tried, really hard, to THINK that i want her to turn so i can see her face but i couldn't do it without talking, IN MY HEAD. I tried stopping myself and it only made me change the sentence a bit but i was still formulating a sentence, so i tried in another language, but i still kept formulating sentences in my head.. so in the end i gave up, as i realized how absurd this whole thing was! but now i keep thinking(oops, that word again), i keep thinking why is thinking called thinking when its actually more of a conversation with ones' self?! Its sounds ridiculous, i know, so i'll just shut up now.. i hope i didn't confuse anyone..

OK so now i officially have a cough, i've tried zillions of meds but its showing no sign of disappearing anytime soon.. i hate coughs, they're annoying!

I've reverted back to my much hated Japanese For Busy People book as i now believe that formal Japanese might be better to learn as it will be more useful to me than informal if i need to use Japanese.. So far so good, I'm reviewing the lessons i already studied so i can put them behind me and start on new lessons..Oh and on that note I've just been talking to my Japanese sensei (& friend) まり, shes going to have a baby soon & I'm looking forward to going out and buying cute little baby clothes & stuff ^^I guess i need to sleep, i have to go pick up my mum & dad from the airport tomorrow ^^ can't believe they've been away for 20 days, such a long time! looking forward to receiving my


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