Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Of friends, koalas, and 3-year-olds' stories!

So I havn't posted anything for a week now, and I have a reason. During the past week, five friends of mine have taken the address of my blog. And whereas before I knew no one was reading and could write anything I wanted, I now know someone IS reading and I don’t feel as free. So I have to choose my topic carefully now, and check what I say twice ;)

Anyways, so uni, uni, uni.. I have this really nice Australian professor for an education course I’m taking he gave us all little koalas on the first day.LOL. heres a pic of my “ I heart Australia” koala. Isn’t he cute?

I’m also taking the easiest maths course ever! Its so easy and sooo much fun! ( & by the way, I hate MS WORD because it keeps changing all my English spelling into WRONG American spelling, or keeps underlining it like its wrong when its not, like maths, it says it should be MATH minus the S but that’s the American way, I don’t want to use the American way..urghhh)

Anyways, what else? Oh yeah my mum sent me the Japanese kids book I asked her for from Thailand. She knew I wont be able to wait till she comes so she sent them with my bro. One is like for 3 year olds, its in hiragana only which is good. The others are Disney stories and they’re in hiragana, katakana, and kanji so I’ll move onto those later..

Oh yeah, im addicted to Pocari Sweat! I know the first time I drank it I didn’t like it all that much but now im addicted, whenever im at the supermarket I just have to buy at least 5! I also started drinking lots of tea-drinks, now I know what I was missing!

I’m now driving my dad’s car since my bro’s back & he wants his car.. I don’t know what im going to do when my dad comes back, I don’t think I can go back to mum driving me everywhere!

That’s all for now, to all my friends, thanks for reading.. bear (or is it bare) with me, I will post something interesting soon. Love you all!

Take care! Jya ne!

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