Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Thinking with an accent, coughs, and getting hurt

What a weird title for a post! i know, but i wanted to summarize it all. But before i begin let me get something out of the way, I MISS MY PARENTS! can't wait for them to come back, 18 days without them so far.. it hasn't been as bad as i thought it would, but it hasn't been easy either..

What does the union jack have to do with anything? Well, read on..

Anyways, you know how when you think of something you can hear your voice in your head? Or maybe not! maybe its just me, who knows, i might just be a weirdo who hears voices, lol. So basically, my voice-the one in my head, not the actual one- has changed! LOL. For some reason that voice now has a very common British accent! My mum would go bananas if she heard me talk like that, "so common" my posh mum would say ;) love you mum. But yeah for some reason, actually probably because I've been watching a lot of British vids on Youtube lately instead of the usual Americans, my thinking-voice now has a very common British accent!

On to my second topic, coughs. Not ordinary ones, oh no! I'm talking about mysterious coughs. So my mum had a cough for about 3-4 months, my sis also has had one for 2-3 months now, and today I STARTED COUGHING! Oh god no! please don't let me get an annoying hacking cough for so long. I'm hoping it will disappear as mysteriously as it appeared, lets hope for the best.

The getting hurt part is nothing about feelings, its about my index finger! I have no idea what the hell happened when i got out of the car this afternoon but somehow i managed to cut my finger and bleed all over the car keys :( it hurts. Itai!
Sure im being a drama queen, but isn't every girl entitled to her moments of royalty ;)

Thats all for now, its about time i went to bed.. i've been up since... forever!

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