Thursday, 27 September 2007

My igloo & academic anxiety!

I'm sitting here wearing my cute fluffy socks & a cardigan. Its freezing cold in my igloo AKA my bedroom but i refuse to turn off the air conditioner. I love the feeling of cold air :) don't you all? To complete the picture, im sitting here sipping a steaming cup of hot chocolate - i mean, a freezing cold glass of slushy pocari sweat! lovely =)

Looking back at my last post, its depressing & i would like to delete it but the thing is, i have my ups & downs. and the point of this blog its to record my real daily life-struggles & all- so i think depressing posts should be part of it so they're there to stay-for now at least.

Theres this blog i check out regularly of this Canadian guy whose married to a Japanese woman, the blog is actually solely about his two little daughters. I love reading the blog & looking at all the pictures and i was just thinking how much fun it would be to grow up in Japan with all the festivals & stuff. If i could live anywhere i wanted i'd definitely choose Japan. When i try to explain why, i just fall short of a good answer, so although i can't explain it, i love the way everyday life is in Japan, and i really do hope i get to at least visit Japan some day.

So i've been worrying about my internship. While i think its going to be fun, im quite nervous about it! i still have a couple of months to get ready mentally so i hope all this anxiety im feelin right now will go away.. Oh, and my capstone project, what the hell am i going to do about that?! It seems everyone knows what they'll be doing and i feel like im missing something, maybe i should know what im going to do too, but i don't.. plenty of time to think about it, i guess..

another boring post about me-when this blog was actually supposed to be about Japan & the Japanese language.. who cares anyway, its not like anyone actually reads what i write, is it?

Well, thats it for now.. cheers everyone! beddy byes =)

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