Friday, 7 September 2007

On a much happier note..


What a difference a day makes! i'm back to my normal self, no depression here ^^
I realize i havn't put anything new on here that is not about my life, so i'll blog again later about something new but for now here are the updates over here:
  • my sis missed uni registration date and now can't enroll for this semester
  • we've had my other sister's twin friends sleeping over for the past 3 days, its been fun. tanoshikatta! ^^
  • I had my best friend over yesterday, we were having noodles and i was eating with chopsticks so she made me teach her how to eat with them, which wasn't a success, im sorry to say.
  • I went to the supermarket yesterday coz we needed stuff for the house and when i got to the sweets section i couldn't remember what everyone likes. It was funny actually first i picked something up and then i was like, oh no i remember they don't like this anymore, so i picked something else up and then i remember one picky sis doesn't like them, i almost gave up then but thank you HERSHEY"S COOKIES & CREAM! You saved me! Then i thought, now i know how mum feels when we tell her we like something and then change the next week ^^ poor thing. love you mum!
  • I changed my schedule so that i have 2 days a week off! thats really awesome, but the other 3 days i have a long day.
  • Today we have my mum's friends & her little kids coming over but they're cars not working so i have to go into town and get them, i think i'll take my littlest sis with me along for the 30 minute ride.
  • I'm addicted to this Japanese song which is so not like the kind of music i like but i like it & i keep listening to it over and over again, i have it memorized even though i don't know half of the lyrics.
Anyways, got to go. take care everyone.

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