Wednesday, 5 September 2007

What a blue day

I miss my mum & dad.. yesterday my mum told me that they might stay in Thailand for at least 3 weeks, possibly 4. I'm not so sure i can hold up till then.

Yesterday i found out that my brother skipped school, today my sweet younger sisters were fighting like mad dogs for no apparent reason, and i just don't want to be responsible for everything they do, its a burden im not ready to carry but i have to whether i like it or not.

Uni is good so far except my other sis my not be able to register this semester because she didn't come into town earlier, and i know it will break my mum's heart if she doesn't register this semester because that means she probably won't register next semester either.

I've been watching House M.D. whenever i have a free hour, and i think Dr House is getting to me, coz im getting a bit depressed, esp. his choice of music makes me want to cry. I hate breaking down.

On a happier note, i went and picked up my youngest sister early from school yesterday because she always complains about the bus. I know, im just such a nice older sis! just kidding, im not going Dr. House on you people.

I feel like im spending half my day in the car driving, so i made some music CDs (of course Japanese) and downloaded some Japanese learning podcast to listen to in the car. I like driving my brother's car, its a shame hes coming back in a few days..


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