Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Jealousy & Travelling

I'm sooo jealous of my dad. He travels so much, in the past 2 months alone he has been to China, Malaysia, Syria, KSA, Hong Kong, Russia (which was about 4 days ago) and today he says hes going with mum to Thailand! I know he travels for business but i would love to be in his place and visit all these countries..

My mums had this cough since she came back from China 7 weeks ago and it hasn't gone away so my dad decided today that their both going to Thailand coz they have this great hospital there so they can see whats wrong!! makes me wish I was sick! NO, i take that back. i couldn't deal with a mere fever last week what would i do if i were really sick. Thank goodness im not!

My older bro is in London enjoying his time at the moment, so that means im going to be in charge when my parents are gone. I hate being in charge, its just so much responsiblity with 3 younger bro & sisters. PLUS i start my fourth & LAST year of uni on Sunday and i don't need the added stress!

I love the beginning of the new semester, i can't wait to meet my new professors and learn new things, but alas i'll soon get bored of it. Although i don't like uni all that much, im proud coz i pull off the "good student" image so good that my professors are always telling me how "conscientious" i am! i do love learning but our uni is really tough and the workload is always too much if you have a social life.. if you dont' then you'll probably do great! however, having said that, I for one have a social life and manage to be on the dean's list.. so i'll keep doing what i've been doing, it seems to work..

I've got to go babysit for my mum's friend whose got to go somewhere and doesn't have anyone to look after the kids.. i LOVE kids.. so im off!

cheers everyone, have a great day ^^

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