Monday, 27 August 2007

Pocari Sweat Review.. its ****

I was at the supermarket today and i spotted some Pocari Sweat & of course without question, i HAD to buy it. I was just curious and wanted to see how it tasted so i bought one.

For those of you not familiar with the drink, its got its name from its ability to restore ions in your body that you lose from sweating. A little Engrish happening there ;P

From what i've heard its a soft drink/energy drink that tastes like weak lemonade. Well, it does! but for some reason i thought it was fizzy, its not!! I thought it had carbonated water but its normal water.. because i was expecting it to be fizzy i was disappointed but nevertheless it is quite refreshing. It has this unique sweet/salty taste to it and is not very lemony.

Overall, its not bad and if it was more readily available i would drink it a lot but for now i'll stick to my homemade low-cal lemonade :)

The verdict: **** (no thats not a swear word, its 4 stars)

Next, i'm on a mission to find me some Calpis, i have to taste it!

PS sorry, i couldn't deny Chester his few minutes of fame so i let him pose with the Mr. Pocari Sweat!

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