Friday, 24 August 2007

Jinxed myslef..Me & my laptop sick!

I hate being sick.. its the worst feeling ever.. especially fevers.. i hate that feeling of not having control over your body, your bones feeling so cold yet your skin is so hot and sweaty.. Not knowing wether your cold or hot and shivering and just feeling weak all over so that you can't stand on your feet without them buckling under you..

A week ago i was over at my cousin's and was telling her how i only get sick once every 2-3 years or so, so a couple of days later i find myself sick as a dog. I had a fever,throwing up, dizzy, and also had the worst sore throat ever. I'm ok now, my throat hurts a bit but i'm so glad its over. I hope i can put that behind me for 2 or 3 more years ^^ maybe thats asking for too much. i'll settle for a year then.. So glad its over..
I had to send my laptop to be formatted and change the battery since the warranty runs out in a week, that was on the first day i got sick, and i just got it back today when im feeling better so i didnt even miss it :D if i wasn't sick i would've gone crazy, i can't use the shared PC at home, its so slow it drives me insane!
Anyways, so my laptop & I are back now.. good as new :)

PS Washy, thanks for "Hidden Palms" i enjoyed watching it :) thanks for thinking of me!

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