Saturday, 25 August 2007

The BEST Japanese learning resource EVER!

(click on the pic to go to the website)
Or maybe ONE of the best. I recommend this to everyone learning Japanese. Its a collection of manga clips read by native speakers and underneath it is a transcript in English and romaji of the conversation and grammer notes..etc. Its really great. Some of it is formal Japanese, but most informal which makes it a valuable resources for those of us who aren't in Japan to hear the normal talk ^^

and although the website is in bad need of a face-lift, its really cool, and best of all it has a search engine by word & phrase, title, or situation. I really love the website and im planning to watch one clip each morning and study it :)

Please check it out, i'm sure it will help if you're learning Japanese. (click on the pic to go to the website)

Good luck learning Japanese! Ganbatte!

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