Saturday, 30 August 2008

nothing new

Thought i'd better update, this has been a total flop as a weekend. Ended up doing nothing argh!
and still no sign of my salary.. but nevermind..

One good thing that happened is that my bro got me a new phone, a flip phone! Ive always wanted one but he always said they're no good and stuff, then he called me up yesterday saying hes at the phone shop and which phone did i want, i said i dont want one, but in the end i just said a flip phone, so he got me the latest Sony Ericsson flip phone, and im ecstatic.. i dont know why ive always loved flip phones, except that most japanese people have them lol

So im sooo bored right now, i got out my stash of magazines that i used to always get in england, they're 6 years old now lol but i decided to look through them.. got bored of that, decided to put on a mask (then went a scared our poor maid, its bright green), i guess i better go wash it off now..

Hoping i can find something to do before i go mad! fefechan, recommed an anime will you, you dont want me to go mad do you?

Anyways, bbye for now


goooooood girl said...

Very good......

FeFe said...

sorry to hear that about ur weekend! mine wasn't interesting too..

nice phone;) but you should've said that all Japanese have flip phones not most lol

as for anime, I told u one already ps what about death note its interesting and samurai x ( I watched it back in first year of high school).

Bash said...

Why couldn't I see all these posts ?
I'll check the old ones too , maybe I'll find something Old but New to read =P

lol ..

Yeah you told about the Phone ..

weeeeeeeeeeeird ,, you want to see some anime ?

Choofi Peach Girl , fruit Basket or marmalade boy. Can't think of anything else =P

yalla am going to check the old pages to see what else have I missed