Tuesday, 5 August 2008


konbanwa! minna genki?

kyou mo isogashisugi datta! Is it ever going to calm down? yappari shigoto wa taihen da! demo itsumo ganbaru yo! ^___^

yesterday and today have been really crappy days so im glad its been really busy at work even though i get home so exhausted!

Today they let me print cheques for the first time, i got to print all the cheques that are above 1 million.. so yeah, i guess they're starting to trust me with these kinds of things..

Fefechan, im sure you know where Pi has been lately? are you jealous? your favourite place.. aaah umi ga ikitai n da! hontou ni ikitaaaaaaaaai!

If any of you guys know how to get music off the net, help me please. I'm looking for songs by LUV AND SOUL. I heard 2 songs and im addicted, but i can't find others..

I'm finally going to get my ATM card tomorrow so i can go spend my hard earned money! YAY! no seriousely, ive had a savings account since like forever, so my bro was the one who opened it for me coz i was too young and when i went to the bank to get a card they told me the account is in my name but hes the only one who can apply for a card and stuff.. so that sucked! i told him to go apply for a card and next weekend we will go to the bank and change it over to me (so he can't steal my money ;) JK).

So its been more than a week since i got my salary and i still havent seen a dime! I've already planned what im doing with every single fils (thats the equivalant of a cent, Cami), but im not spending any on me.. just the things i need like for my mobile and petrol and stuff.. the rest is going to 100 other things/places.. i'm actually feeling sorry for myself already lol but my conscious wont let me use it on myself.. anyways..

The office boy is trained now, everyday at 2 oclock he brings me my ice cold pocari sweat.. yumm.. so refreshing.. but poeple are always commenting on it.. i guess the name doesn't help its reputation now does it? oh well.. i really miss calpis.. i drank it so many times a day in Japan and got used to it, im craving it now.. but a trip to Abela's seems too much.. its SO out of my way.. i guess i'll go this weekend..

I feel like watching anime! wow, did i really say (type) that! ive never liked anime and apart from Ghibli movies i havnt seen much.. but somehow, i now feel like watching something.. i'll go look for something..

Mata ne!


FeFe said...

konbanwa dear..

shigot wa taihen desu yo ne demo ganbatte..as u said (itsumu ganbaru yo) mashallah printing cheques ha lool

atashi mo umi ga ikitai nihon mo anata to

as for the music u can use realpayer to download directly from streaming sites or if mean searching prorams there are limwire and bearshare..

omedetou for receiving ur first salary =) have you ever heard the Japanese word sarariman = salary man lol so u've become a sarariwoman now

hmm for anime, i would suggest death note..omoshiroi. Lovely Complex is really funny..watch it, you will never regret it believe me;)

suki da :-*

Ima-chan said...


i meant a website.. dont want to download any of those programs that always mess up my computer.. anyways i'll look around..

arigatou although its not in my hands yet.. yeah i guess im a sarariwoman ;)

I'll check them both out when i get back home inshallah.. thanks for the suggestion..


Bash said...

Hello Ima,

I read your blog when I was sitting in the reception. I started replying but someone interrupted me.

So did you get your card ?
That's exciting , except for the part where you said you didn't get your salary yet =P .

I remember planning on how to spend my 1st salary. I spent all my money on gifts but it felt so good.

I should do it again lol

Take Care