Sunday, 31 August 2008

Bored at work

Sitting at work with practically nothing to do, on Wednesday me & my collegue in the Accounts Payable section worked hard and finished everything thats pending. So on Thursday we were free almost all day.. I had a japanese exam with yoriko-sensei that day so i sat & tried to study (ended up studying the lesson that are NOT included by mistake). Today too were almost free, i handle the petty cash & receiving invoices so a couple of people have come to me but other than that, its pretty quite here. My direct mentor/senpai didnt come to work today so i dont have to look like im working.. so im pretty bored.. i think im going to study some japanese..

Tomorrow's ramadan i guess, so im going out for lunch with Bash & 2 other girls. Cami, you must've heard of ramadan but maybe you dont know what it is. Anyways, its a month where we have to fast in the day (from sunrise to sunset), we dont eat or drink anything, and after sunset we can eat. Its to teach us humilty and so we know what the poor people who dont have food feel like. Its a really great month and at the end of it we have Eid which is kinda like christmas to us. We all celebrate & get money from our paernts lol and stuff.. People kinda abuse ramadan, they use it as a month to OVEREAT and OVERSLEEP in the day and STAY UP TOO LATE at night.. anyways its a really nice time of the year when we get to do more good thinks and think about other people.

The end of this month, Septmeber, is going to be so busy with my sis hopefully giving birth, and my grandma coming over for that, plus all the eid celebrations..

Anyways im probably going to blog later.. bai bai


FeFe said...

I dont know what to write I opened the comment window and stared at the box for few min not knowing what to write lol I guess I was thinking about many things thats why..

so sorry to hear that your day was bored!

Hope your sis have an easy delivery inshallah..

mbrok 3aleech eshahar..TC

Cami said...

He he Ima, it may surpise you, but I do observe Ramadan :)) A blessed Ramadan Kareem to you.

Ima-chan said...

lol Cami, mind my ignorance, i didnt know.. hope ramadan is going well with you.. enjoying all the delicous food?? hh