Tuesday, 26 August 2008

at work

I’m at work but trying to get out of it so I decided to update. I keep forgetting to bring my cam with me to show you around my workplace. My place is pretty boring, everyone has little personal stuff they’ve collected over time but my desk is pretty empty. Except for an abundance of papers and paperclips.. I need to personalize it.. the only thing that says anything about me is the paper on the wall that ive taped next to the extension list, which is a list of Japanese verbs in all forms. I glance at it every now and then and learn a new verb or two.

I just came from my lunch break, my mum was in town so she bought McDonalds and we both went over to my baby’s house and had lunch with her and her mum. We had a nice chat, all her other kids weren’t there so it was nice and quite. Then I sped over here, and then I was in the left coming up (to the 11th floor) and the lift stopped on the 4th (where Bash is) and the 4th floor officeboy got in, and I thought it was my floor so I got out and the guy kept telling me that Bash is not there, and I didn’t know why he was saying that lol coz I was listening to A on the phone, went in and started walking, and realized what the guy was going on about, so I laughed at myself and went up, as soon as I got out of the lift he was there fraternizing with our officeboy and he saw me and laughed lol.. oh well..

I found an old CD in one of my drawers at home yesterday and it said eigo + nihongo so I took it to see what it was. Turned it on in the morning on the way over, its full of arashi songs.. its seriously old, I haven’t listened to any arashi songs in at least a year and a half..

The invoices are calling.. better get workin.. bai bai

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FeFe said...

interesting post and the elevator incident was funny..

please take pix and show us how ur office looks like;)

I have never listented to arashi songs but I know pi's sawaranai is actulally arashi's not his..