Saturday, 30 August 2008

Last week's japanese lesson

I forgot that i wanted to post about my japanese class. On Thursday i had my second lesson with Yoriko-sensei. She had given me homework to write about anything and i wrote about what i had done on the weekend. She corrected it for me. I'll just write her corrections, fefechan, seeing my mistakes might be useful to you ne..

  1. I had written in the whole paragraph, mina-san instead of minna, i thought that was the polite way to say everyone, but she told me it is only said like that in speech, if you are talking to or about everyone you can say mina-san but when you write you should use minna.
  2. I had written "mina-san ga oishii hirugohan wo tabemashita". She said i must use "de" instead of "ga" if im included in the poeple who ate. So its like "i ate with everyone", if you use ga, it seems like you are not included.
  3. i wrote "kodomotachi ga zenbu suki deshita", she said that implies that ONLY the kids liked the food, i should use "mo" so it means the kids like it also.
  4. She said you cant use "sorekara" at the end of a paragraph, i had it at the beginning of the last sentence. She said it implies there more sentences coming after this one. "Soshite" would have been more appropriate but sorekara can be used in other sentences at the beginning.
Then she gave me a test which i got all right, thank god. I was so nervous writing that my handwriting was soooo bad, i dont know how she read all my crooked hiragana. The exam was easy actually so next class shes getting questions from the JLPT exams. She then taught me about counters and two kanji, entrance and exit (iriguchi and deguchi), and we had an extended discussion on kanji.

She also gave me this envelope which she uses with her piano students (she gives private piano lessons), she said they use it in japan. I'm posting a pic, its to put the "ressun dai" lesson fee in, and it has the months and stuff.. Its a good idea, i thought.

So next Wednesday i have a kanji test, as well as grammar and the different counters used for different things. GANBARIMASU! i really want to improve..


FeFe said...

another interesting post..thanks for including the examples..please continue doing so..I found it hepful for me too...Looking forward to your next post and your next lesson..

continue your hard work and always do your best..

Arigatou..Jya ne :-*

goooooood girl said...

Feel good......

Bash said...

I didn't see this post before .. Where did it come from =P

It seems like you're enjoying the classes .. It looks fun..