Saturday, 16 August 2008


Konnichiwa! minna genki?

My baby and her family as well as marie (can i drop the -san ;) ) and her two little angels came over for lunch. We had a good time and got to see pix of Japan. Now i just feel like i want to go right now.. can't wait to go.. marie told me that her friend might be interested in teaching me japanese, so i hope i can arrange for something. i want to learn as much as i can before i go back..

Arigatou for the gifts marie, i really liked them ^__^ and come visit us soon. your baby is sooo unbelievably cute (mashallah).. oh and little prince charming had a fun time with two little girls chasing after him and wanting him to play with them lol hes quite popular with the girls isnt he..

Fefechan, i know your probably not reading this, but i really hope your trip gets better.. im sorry its not that good..

im enjoying whats left of my weekend, and dreading tomorrow.. work..argh!

bai bai for now

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