Saturday, 23 August 2008

fun day


Just checked the last post before i started to write this and noticed that this post is going to be very similar. We had marie and my baby's family over again today too. Marie is going to Japan on the 16th of September as her husband's going to do his masters there, so were going to try to see her more before she goes.

On Thursday i went for my first japanese class with Yoriko-san. Shes a really nice friend of marie's and is going to start tutoring me. We kind of just hung out so she could see what my level was.. Which meant that she wanted me to actually speak (well DUH!).. i never speak japanese around marie, too embarrassed.. but i managed to speak with Yoriko-san, somehow we ended up discussing my favourite haiyuu (celebrity? actor?) and japanese doramas, in Japanese.. It went pretty well. I have another class on Monday, she will be giving me a written and oral exam XD that should be fun lol.. and she gave me homework, to write a paragraph about anything i want. I better write it today but i really dont know what to write about.. its going to be hard.. Anyways, im hoping i will really improve a bit before January..

I'm sad about marie leaving :( but hopefully i'll get to visit her in January.. her daughter was killing us all with her cuteness today (mashallah) kawaisugi..

This week should be fun.. my collegue who works in the Accounts Payable with me is coming bavck from holiday tomorrow, so i'll hopefully have less work! yay! plus, i'll finally get paid, its the last week of the month, so maybe this week or on the weekend maybe.. hopefully before next sunday so i can get to spend some of it.. lol..

Miss you fefechan, hope you enjoyed your holiday.. atleast one of your dreams came true, you go to see Giggs playing! hope one of my dreams would come true..

Off to do my homework! bai bai

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FeFe said...

It's good to know what you have been to and it's great that you've started taking Japanese classes..mashallah it seems you had great discussion regardless of the topic ;) so who was your favorite celebrity?! you know what the answer should be hehe JK

sorry to hear that marie-sensei is leaving..for sure you're going to miss're so close and with her children too

my holdiay was good el7emdellah and seeing Giggs playing was the greatest thing during this holiday =)

do your best in your homework..wish you all the best in your studies

miss you too. TC :-*