Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Tips on how to begin learning Japanese

I know its different for everyone, but here are some tips i think might help you if your just beggining to learn Japanese:

  1. Before even learning how to say Hello, you should atleast know what sounds are in the Japanese alphabet. That is; learn hiragana first, or if your impatient and want to learn words before learning how to write the letters then atleast know what sounds there are. (Don't do what i did, i started out with words and phrases, and although a native japanese speaker taught me i would write down the pronunciation however i liked so i didnt distinguish between, for example, ku and ko. Later on when i learnt hiragana, i had already been pronouncing the words wrong so i had to change that and it was hard.)
  2. Listen to japanese nursurey rhymes. That way you nail the pronounciation and the words are all simple and easy. For example, i started out with "Zou-san" the elephant song which is 3 lines long. You'll find lots of kids songs online if you look, if you can't find any let me know and i'll help you.
  3. Then move on to some set phrases such as "my name is..", "i'm ... years old" and the lot. (actually in Japanese you wouldnt really say my name is, you'd say i'm....)
  4. Learn some words.
  5. learn basic grammer patterns and then use the vocab you know with them.

(i'll add more to the list later, cant think of anything at the moment

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