Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Happy Birthday to me!!

So it’s the eve of yet another birthday.. wow, how fast this past year has been.. the fastest year to date, it felt more like 4 or 5 months.. I don’t know how it escaped my attention but somehow it slipped away unnoticed.. I can’t even remember what kept me so busy this past year.. and so I’ve decided that I’ll start a blog.. something I have always wanted to do but never went through with.. i want to record my feelings, and just everyday happenings so that on my next birthday I can see how I spent my year.. and wether I made good use of it or not.. I’ll also try to include articles about interesting things I come across (which will usually have to do with japan, one way or another).. I might also talk about about being biracial/multiracial/mixed (whatever you want to call it) and being bilingual.. and I will try to record my journey in learning Japanese.

When I think about it, on my last birthday I would have never guessed where I would’ve been today.. this year has been so different than recent years.. so many changes..

On the eve of my 21st birthday, I am a somewhat different person than I was last year.. my interest changed, my home life changed, my family is one person short.. so many changes happened that I can’t even begin to list them,,

I wanted to write a bit about myself in my first blog entry but I don’t want it to be too long so for today I’ll just tell you a bit about my 21 year old me..

Main Interests:
The Japanese language
Japanese Rock Music

I will try to include as much photos as I can in my entries but I’ll have to take them with my mobile, as I don’t carry a camera on me at all time, unlike so many other people I know..

So.. heres my birthday feast..

LOL I know, how can I ever finish all that b-day cake and all the other goodies.. kiddin.. I don’t really celebrate birthdays and im supposed to be on a diet so im celebrating with some orange and peach flavoured water ;P and my fav honey butter popcorn..

Bai bai! (im turning Japanese)

PS im callin myself ima-chan since my name ends with ima and I don’t want to use my real name, but to those of you who don’t know, ima is a Japanese name, it actually means now/present..

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